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We are excited to announce that Pierrette Coombs has joined our Team of Health Professionals and she is now accepting new patients at Health and Performance Corner Brook and Deer Lake Physiotherapy. Pierrette studied for 3 years at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta and received a Diploma of Acupuncture.  She has completed additional   training in NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association),…

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Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).

Woman with vertigo suffering from dizziness

How often have you heard someone say that they, or someone they know, has ‘vertigo’? Many people do not realize that vertigo is a SYMPTOM of a condition, and is NOT A DIAGNOSIS itself. What this means is that if you have vertigo, or dizziness, the cause must first be identified before it can be treated properly. Though there are…

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Seniors Falls Prevention

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Falls prevention is a very important topic in our aging population. It is often thought to be something that occurs with age and that we cannot do anything to prevent it. There is a large area of research on this topic and there are a number of things we can do to prevent falls in seniors.  Exercise is front of…

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Health and Performance Medical Centre Update


Health and Performance is very excited to announce the soon completion of the newest Medical Centre in downtown Corner Brook. Construction is nearing completion and it remains likely that we will gain full occupancy in August or September this year. This means that our core services will be moving at that time so we ask you to stay tuned. Up…

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Hydrotherapy Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Services

hydrotherapy header

Health and Performance Centre, in partnership with Marble Inn Resort, is now offering the first and only Hydrotherapy Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Services on the west coast of NL, and based out of Marble Inn Resort in Steady Brook. Hydrotherapy has been the missing piece in rehabilitative patient care for many years. Patients living in larger centers have had the privilege of…

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Rock Runner Girls


Females Ages 9-13 The Rock Runner Girls Program is about empowering young girls to enjoy the sport of running in a low pressure, non-competitive format, in our beautiful great outdoors. The group runs primarily on trails in our regions, and we try to always end at a playground or water-hole so that the girls get to enjoy some social time…

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Now Offering Art Therapy


  Sandra Hewitt-Parsons is an Art Psychotherapist who specializes in an area of Psychotherapy that is new to the West Coast region. Sandra helps clients (either in a one-on-one or group setting) use Art as a hands-on way of expressing themselves and coping with life’s stressful events. She holds a BA in Psychology (with honours) from Grenfell, as well as a Masters…

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FIT Studio Schedule and Rates


The HPC FIT Studio is opening on April 2nd and time is ticking to take advantage of our pre-opening special offer – Get 50% off your membership when you book before or on opening day! On April 2nd from 12-5PM there will be an open house at location so come on in to view the space, have some refreshments, get registered…

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FIT STUDIO PROGRAMS: Q & A with Nora Lundrigan

FIT Studio

Nora Lundrigan is one of our new FIT Studio instructors and will be offering a Gentle Zumba class on Mondays from 6:15 to 7:00pm. She has been a fitness instructor for over 35 years and is trained in Aerobics, Step, Aqua, Zumba and Aqua Zumba. We asked Nora a few questions on what people can look forward to in her…

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FIT Studio

Yoga for Stress Reduction: This gentle class will move through poses that help increase flexibility, strength and reduce stress. Suitable for beginners or those with health concerns or injuries, this slower paced class also focuses on breath awareness to promote healing. Therapeutic Flow: In this class a therapeutic approach to a traditional Vinyasa (flow) class will gently guide you through…

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