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Airplane & Row

  AIRPLANE/ROW: Muscles Targeted: Hamstrings, Glutes, shoulders, mid- upper back, core. How To: Assume a single-leg stance. Hold a dumbbell in the opposite hand of the supporting leg. Keep the back straight and the torso tight. Look straight ahead. The shoulder blades are retracted. Lower the upper body by bending at the hip. Keep the back straight and hips square/parallel…

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Weekly Exercise Demonstration

Welcome to our video exercise blog! Click here to view the introduction video!

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Corner Brook Triathlon Three Weeks Away! Sign up Today for Chance to Win!

The Health and Performance Corner Brook Triathlon is only three short weeks away and with the participant cap at 150, people are encouraged to register today to ensure their spot in one of the toughest Triathlon in the province. “We’ve received tremendous support from the community with Sponsors and now we’re getting interest from beginner and seasoned athletes here and…

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Training to become functionally FIT. (Daniel DeGrace, Kin)

Physical activity and exercise are becoming increasingly important in our society. We like to believe it is the fountain of youth, and it certainly does help us in more ways then one as we age. A topic of interest in the fitness industry is the concept of functional movement. This is one reason most of us exercise on a regular…

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7-day Carb LOADING!!

Carb loading is a method that is used by endurance athletes that are competing in a high intensity exercise that lasts longer than 90 minutes. The purpose of carb loading is to improve athletic performance. This is done by forcing your body to store more glycogen (storage form of sugar) for energy. The carb loaded muscle can store about 35-40…

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Note from the Corner Brook Triathlon Sponsor

It was our pleasure to be the title sponsor for the Corner Brook Triathlon. Congratulations to the organizing committee on their success. Health and Performance is proud to support this fantastic sport and community spirit.

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During Sport – start well hydrated, maintain proper hydration and finish off with continued fluid replacement. Don’t let dehydration spoil your ambitions on race day.

You should start any endurance activity well hydrated. This means that your urine should be nearly clear in color. 1 to 2 hours prior to intense exercise top off your fluid tank with 16 to 24 oz of fluid. This will allow you time to rid any excess urine prior to the event and still be well hydrated. During the event you…

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Treatment of traumatic and overuse injury includes proper Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE). If cleared by a health professional, cross training for cardiopulmonary fitness should continue as the injury heals.

[polldaddy poll=1821842]Most people have done some form of first aid training. In that training you would have heard about the RICE acronym. This stands for Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. Some sources will add an additional P at the beginning for “Protect”. In treating of sports injury this is where the protection can come in handy when attempting to continue…

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Homemade sports drink!!

¼ cup of sugar ¼ teaspoon salt ¼ cup of hot water ¼ cup of orange juice 2 tablespoons of lemon juice 3 ½ cups of cold water Mix the sugar, salt with the hot water Add the OJ, lemon juice and cold water Chill – Quench that thirst Makes 1 L Nutritional info based on 8 oz (1 cup)…

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Athletic Training – Stretching is important as overused muscles will become tight. We recommend regular dynamic stretching after your warm up and static stretching after intense exercise and also in the off-days.

Everyone knows that stretching is important. Interestingly though, I continue to run into people who admit that they don’t stretch at all despite running into all sorts of trouble. For non-stretchers and for you who do stretch on a regular basis, I want to address that process a little more effectively. The first principle is that pre-event stretching should be dynamic. There…

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