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Fitness Inspired Therapy


This FIT program is designed specifically for individuals who have a diagnosis of Type 1 or type 2 or who have pre-diabetes. Living with diabetes brings an interesting challenge because there is a need for daily exercise to minimize risk for health complications, but yet exercise affects blood sugars. This effect is not clearly identifable, which means exercise can lead to uncertainty if one does not know how to properly manage their blood sugars and their medications to accommodate for exercise.

This program is very similar to the other FIT programs however, for clients participating in this program, they are required to bring their glucometer and a juice box and snack to every exercise session. The Physiotherapist on this team, Heather Buckle, is also a Certified Diabetes Educator has had type 1 for over 25 years, and has been a guest speaker for medical companies on the topic of Diabetes and Exercise or Diabetes and Sport. She herself has been a swimmer, a cyclist, a volleyball player, a triathlete, a pilates instructor and has participated in a half-marathon. She understands the challenges each client faces, and desires to help make each clients program an experience that will change their health forever.

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