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Motor Vehicle Accident FAQ

Health & Performance

1. Can I start Physiotherapy immediately after a Motor Vehicle Accident?

YES – The best management of any injury includes immediate and appropriate care. Physiotherapy treatment follows the stages of healing and is proven to be beneficial early after an accident rather than waiting. Physiotherapists know what is safe to treat based on an assessment which you may find is the most thorough you will ever experience.

2. Do I need a doctor’s referral for Physiotherapy?

NO – Physiotherapy is accessible as a primary health care provider. You will only need a referral if your insurance company demands it.

3. What will I experience on the first day?

Expect a detailed analysis of your accident, past medical conditions and current symptoms. Also, expect a thorough assessment of your body parts which are involved. This may take up to 60 minutes. You should also become fully educated regarding your condition.

4. Do I need to fill out any forms for Physiotherapy?

NO – We take care of the necessary paperwork for our services. You will have to fill out an intake form so it will be helpful to show up for you first appointment 10 minutes early.

5. Can I transfer my care to Health and Performance from another clinic?

YES – Many individuals transfer their care from other clinics when they move to Corner Brook. You must first identify the change with your Insurer and we will take care of everything else. Our therapists will do an independent assessment and treatment plan based on your current abilities.

6. Can I access different health services for my injury?

YES – Injuries can require services of a Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist or Chiropractor. Your Health and Performance professional will help you decide what services may be of benefit to you after your assessment. Your Chiropractor may refer you to Physiotherapy from another clinic. Most patients seem to do well with Physiotherapy alone.

7. How many visits will I need to get better?

A clinical judgement can be made after the first assessment depending on the severity of your injury. Typically, the treatment programs have a frequency of 3 visits weekly and can be 2 weeks up to 6 months. Treatment plans are individualized to match your condition and your personal outcome goals.