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Custom Products

Health & Performance

Custom Knee Brace

When life tackles you to the ground and something goes ‘pop’ you may need a brace. You may choose from a list of non-custom or customized options. Our bracing is guaranteed to fit and function. Bring in your knee and let us do the rest.  These braces are indicated for ligament damage (ACL, PCL) or for painful arthritis (medial or lateral).

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotic inserts are necessary when your foot function is directly causing you pain. Come in for a unique professional opinion. Our assessment involves a gait plate analysis, a foam insert impression and a hands-on evaluation of your foot. We recommend non-custom options as often as we recommend custom inserts so you know you are getting good advice.

Custom Compression Garments

These garments make all the difference in the management of swelling and edema. Come in for a visit to get measured and then choose from a list of non-custom or customized options. We make orders to suite all needs.

Fee Schedule

Knee Brace – call for pricing
Orthotics – $350
Compression Garments – call for pricing