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Health & Performance


Our Kinesiologists are university trained and have a unique experience allowing them to ensure your personal fitness goals are met safely. You can be sure you will receive solid advice and direct one-on-one supervision. Come as an individual, join one of our special group classes or create your own group to work together increasing your chance of success.


Intro to Fitness – 4 sessions

This short program is an excellent choice for those who just want a simple program to follow at home but require some start up education.

The Last 10 Pounds – 8 sessions

This program speaks for itself. Get advice for you to reach your body shape goals. Join us for 8 sessions to get you kick started in the right direction.

Advanced Training Programs– 6 sessions

Core Strength

Learn the top exercises for maximum abdominal and lower back strength.

Lean Muscle Mass

Learn your best approach to really building serious muscle strength and size.


Perfect your home program with a varied approach to maximizing your conditioning.

Posture Correct

Exercise brings your body back into proper posture which leads to optimized joint protection, optimized breathing patterns and a better body shape.

Group Classes – 12 weeks

Custom Group – Pull together a group of 4 friends and come in to have your very own custom 12 week program designed to reach your collective goals.

Fee Schedule

Exercise Session   $40
Group/Class Session: $10
Body Composition Analysis  –    $55
Fitness Testing –   $60

Equipment: TrX – Spinner – Functional trainer – Lateral X – Treadmill – Free weights – Kettles – BOSU – Foam Rollers