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Massage Therapy

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Corner Brook – your solution to relaxation and injury recovery. Whether you have had massage for a number of years or you are seeking massage therapy for the first time, let us show you how therapeutic this experience really is.

Massage therapy, as taught in Canada, employs a style of manual therapy that is based on traditional Swedish massage.

The traditional Massage Therapy techniques using percussion, long sweeping motions and kneading or muscle squeezing have been updated with the addition of modern techniques. These include joint play, trigger point release, lymphatic drainage techniques, active release therapy, myofascial release, active and passive stretches, muscle energy techniques, and friction therapy. In the Corner Brook office you may also avail of cupping therapy a technique used to release soft tissue tension.

A registered massage therapist is also knowledgeable with regards to self care techniques that would be helpful for you to do at home.

Expect your first session to include a medical history and physical assessment in order to gain insight into the clinical condition. The massage therapist will develop a plan of treatment that is appropriate for you.

Custom Care choices

TMJ Disorder

Our massage therapist Lee Miles has post graduate training for the assessment and treatment of conditions involving the jaw. This treatment includes delicate work on the smaller muscles controlling the joint.

Myofascial Release

This treatment involves work on the connective tissue system known as muscle and fascia. Fascial release can be particularly effective for chronic or longstanding pain and or stiffness.

Deep Tissue

This technique may be appropriate for individuals whose injuries are recovered beyond the acute stage. These are often applied using the elbow or forearm but may also be performed with the hands. Most treatments plans end off with this option if the client has tolerance to the pressure.

Pregnancy Massage

Come in for a massage and relieve those aching joints along and get other benefits too. Did you know that studies indicate massage can reduce anxiety, reduce sciatic nerve pain and improve overall pregnancy experience?

Sports Massage

Athletes have a unique need and require an approach appropriate for the particular stresses placed on the body. Our massage therapist will know just where to go and how to optimize your soft tissues to get you back at the top of your game.

Fee Schedule

60 minutes   $80
45 minutes   $65
30 minutes   $50