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Physiotherapy is playing an increasing role in all our lives. Injury and illness can affect not only on how we feel but also on our ability to earn income and enjoy recreation. It is for this reason that we have devoted ourselves to providing care that is based on the latest researched principles in physiotherapy today. Our goal is to restore maximum movement so you can restore maximum living.

Manual Therapy

Manual physiotherapy involves the use of our hands to move joints and soft tissues. Our therapists use the right amount of mobilization to achieve the desired effect. This allows your body to restore normal motion which directly works to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Exercise Therapy

A good assessment of your body reveals the most effective physiotherapy exercise approach. A program of specific stretching, strengthening and stabilization exercises are a critical part of the healing process for most injuries. Expect your physiotherapist to give exercise as a way to reduce symptoms or achieve healthy tissues. Not only will you have handouts but you will be provided with access to our website content with clear videos and pictures of your program.

Soft Tissue Techniques

Nearly all injuries include soft tissue pain to some degree. While there are exceptions you should expect your physiotherapist to provide techniques to manage your soft tissue pain. These are usually taught so you can follow up with your own pain relieving techniques at home.


This is a near-painless technique which targets specific points along meridian pathways defined by the ancient Chinese. This modality of treatment uses needles, lasers or TENS to stimulate areas which influence pain and healing. Acupuncture treatments may be combined with your physiotherapy treatment session at no additional cost.


In the early phase of physiotherapy we utilize combinations of ultrasound, interferential current and laser as ways of specifically targeting inflammation or scar tissue. Your physiotherapist will decide if these are appropriate for your injury.