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Women’s Health

Health & Performance

Pregnancy Massage

Come in for a massage and relieve those aching joints along and get other benefits too. Did you know that studies indicate massage can reduce anxiety, reduce sciatic nerve pain and improve overall pregnancy experience?

Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy Exercise

During and following a pregnancy there are many issues which may need to be addressed. We are happy to help you along to being a fit expecting mother and as well we are happy to help you restore full abdominal strength, pelvic floor health and a fitness level after the baby arrives.

Fee Schedule

Assessment –  $80
Treatment  –    $55

Post-Operative Breast Cancer Care

Arm swelling following breast cancer surgery is often ignored for lack of knowing what can be done. This Physiotherapy treatment option is a remarkably effective treatment option which can change your life if you suffer from lymphedema.

Fee Schedule

Assessment   $120
Treatment     $100