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Worker’s Compensation FAQ

Health & Performance

1. Can I start Physiotherapy immediately after an injury at work?

YES – The best management of any injury includes immediate and appropriate care. The Physiotherapy agreement with WHSCC allows for immediate access. If you are injured at work follow the steps below…

I. Fill out and submit the “Workers Report of Injury – Form 6”
II. Ensure your employer has completed “Form 7”
III. Call Health and Performance to get a Physiotherapy assessment.

2. Do I need a claim number before starting Physiotherapy?

NO – Our reporting to WHSCC can be the first report of injury by a health professional. Our report can generate a claim number and authorization for services.

3. Do I need a Doctors’ referral?

NO – if your injury was less than 2 weeks ago, you can call us to make an appointment today.
YES – If your injury was more than 2 weeks ago, you will need to contact your family doctor first. Ask to be referred specifically to Health and Performance for Physiotherapy.

4. Do I need to fill out any forms for Physiotherapy?

NO – We take care of the necessary paperwork for our services. You should have already completed and submitted your FORM 6 “Report of Injury”. After that, you can call us for an appointment.

5. Can I transfer my care to Health and Performance from another clinic?

YES – Many individuals transfer their care from other clinics when they move to Corner Brook. You must first identify the change with your Case Manager and we will take care of the paperwork. Our therapists will do an independent assessment and treatment plan based on your current abilities.

6. Can I access different health services for my injury?

YES – Injuries can require services of a Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist or Chiropractor. Your Health and Performance professional will help you decide what services may be of benefit to you after your assessment. Your Chiropractor may refer you to Physiotherapy from another clinic. We will work together on your injury to ensure you get back to work.